The accommodation included in the cupcard are in schools in the following areas of Eskilstuna.

We distribute the rooms according to the number of participants in each team and the space given is with a mattress of 80 cm width. We also try to let teams from the same club stay close to eachother. Please respect our regulations.

Tournament regulations

These regulations apply to all participants in Eskilstuna Basket Cup:

  • All cosumption of alcohol is forbidden. It is forbidden to smoke indoors.
  • If any player/leader commits a crime, the team will imediately be suspended from further participation in the tournament, be reported to their Basketball Organization and to the local police office.

For all participants with accommodation arranged by Eskilstuna Basket Cup, the following regulations also applies:

  • One adult leader has to sleep in the room with each team
  • Any damage caused to the room or its furnishings will be paid totaly by the team.
  • The whiteboard/blackboard may not be used, i.e. it is forbidden to write or scribble on them.
  • The team will act decent towards all others, will be on their room and switch the lights off latest at 24:00 pm (Saturday at 01:00 am).
  • Do not open any windows when the room will be left empty.
  • If requested, show your cupcard to the host/hostess and doorman.
  • On Sunday, tidy up the room, put furnitures back in their proper places and have an approval by the host/hostess at the latest 15:00. If this is not accomplished, the team will be charged with a cleaning fee of 1000 SEK.

The Firedepartment demands that we have names and birthdatas on each and everyone who sleeps in our accommodations.

Our accommodation hosts and hostesses will be at your service on each school, and we also sell some snacks and refreshments.

Hotels, cottages and hostels

Please note that the following information is based on last year, the conditions and prices for 2016 are not set yet.

For those of you who prefers a more comfortable accommodation, we can recommend these hotels. Please note that our transports drive to our own accomodations in schools but not to hotels, cottages and hostels.

Hotel Bolinder Munktell

Single room: 760 SEK/night
Twin room: 840 SEK/night
Extra bed: 250 SEK/night

The hotel is well known for their personal service and nice atmosphere.
Breakfast is included in the price of the room, as well as afternoon snack, evening meal and access to the relaxation room.

To book a room, call the hotel, +46 16 16 78 09, booking code: EEM Basket Cup

Website: www.nordicchoicehotels....otel-bolinder-munktell/

City Hotell
Singleroom: Friday-Saturday ? SEK/night, Sunday-Thursday ? SEK/night
Doubleroom: Friday-Saturday ? SEK/night, Sunday-Thursday ? SEK/night
Trippelroom: Friday-Saturday ? SEK/night, Sunday-Thursday ? SEK/night
4-beds room: Friday-Saturday ? SEK/night, Sunday-Thursday ? SEK/night

Breakfast buffé and evening coffee with homemade cake are included in the price.

Monday-Thursday the hotel also offers a free buffé in the evenings between 5.30 pm-8.30 pm.

To book, call the hotel +46 16 10 88 50 and tell them you are participating in Eskilstuna Energi & Miljö Basket Cup to get the prices above.

Best Western Plaza Hotel
Singleroom: ? SEK/night
Doubleroom:? SEK/night
Trippelroom: ? SEK/night
4-bed room: ? SEK/night

Breakfast included.

To book, call the hotell +46 16 15 00 00

Vilsta Sporthotell
Singleroom: ? SEK/night Fri-Sun, ? SEK Mon-Thu
Doubleroom: ? SEK/person/night Fri-Sun, ? SEK Mon-Thu
Trippelroom: ? SEK/person/night Fri-Sun, ? SEK Mon-Thu
4-bedsroom: ? SEK/person/night Fri-Sun, ? SEK Mon-Thu

Breakfast is included.
We also have sportlunch and sportdinner for ?SEK each meal.
With 4 beds: ? SEK/night
With 6 beds: ? SEK/night
With 6 beds de luxe: ? SEK/night

Youth hostel: ? SEK per person and night (4 persons/room) or ? SEK per person and night (2-3 persons/room) with STF-Groupmembership.

If you choose the cottages or youth hostel you can book breakfast for ? SEK and cleaning for ?-? SEK.

To book, call the hotell +46 16 51 30 80