Tournament rules

Agegroups 2001-2004

(the rules for Easy Basket agegroup 2005 & 2006 are to be found at the bottom of this page)

  • A player can not play on more than one team in the same agegroup.
  • If a player is one year older than the agegroup he/she is playing in, you have to fill out an application for special permission two weeks before the tournament begins and it must be cleared one week before. The permission can only be approved by EB (Eskilstuna Basket). Approved permissions will be displayed on the website. The permission must be applied for latest two weeks before the tournament and, if approved, displayed on the website latest one week before the tournament. It is the the applying players association that is responsible of sending the application form in time and check that it is cleared. The approved permission must be showed to officials and scorekeeper before every game.
  • All players must have participated in groupplay before the playoff.
  • All matchs are 2x12 minutes effective time.
  • Halftime is 3 minutes.
  • Each team gets 1 timeout per half.
  • If the game ends in a tie, the first team that scores wins, that include freethrows. Sudden death begins with a jumpball. In A- and B-finals the game will be extended by 3 minutes, instead of sudden death.
  • In 03-04 agegroups zone defense is not allowed, but zone press is allowed up to half court.
  • 24 second is counted by the officials.
  • After 7 team foul you shoot freethrows.
  • Boys 01 and 02 play with size 7 ball, girls 01, 02, boys and girls 03 and boys 04 play with size 6 ball. Girls 04 play with a mini ball size 5. Girls 04 can play with a ball size 6 if both teams agrees to do so.
  • Agegroup 01-04 play with regular baskets and agegroup 05-06 play with low baskets.
  • To participate in our tournament you cannot have played with another club after the 31st of January.
  • No dunking is allowed under the whole tournament before, during and after the match. If you dunk it is a technical foul.
  • If several teams in the groupplay ends with the same amount of points, the following will be applied: 1. Team that won with the most points 2. Biggest difference in points 3. The most points made 4. The fewest amount off points allowed 5. Lottopick
  • If two teams has the same colour uniform, the home team gets to choose. For that reason, bring two uniforms with different colours.
  • In every gym there is a single gameball, so bring your own balls for warm-up.
  • There is no garanteed time for warm-up, there is press for time.
  • With the above exeptions, the tournament is abid by Swedish Baskeball rules. Eskilstuna Basket wish that all teams shall play with fair play and not to try and "crush" a team if your team is a lot better.
  • Player that do not abide by the law will immediatly be reported to the police and will not be allowed to play any further in the tournament.
  • All consumption of alcohol is prohibited. It is also prohibited to smoke indoors.
  • Team can hand in a protest if the consider a rule not to have been applied. A protest must be handed in immediately or latest one hour after the match ended. A fee will be charged by 500 SEK for each protest. The fee must be paid when protest is handed in to either an official or the Tournament office. The fee will be refunded if the protest is approved. If the fee is not paid, the protest will not be considered. All protests are handled by the tournament disciplingroup.
  • Trophy is awarded to first and second place teams in the A & B playoffs, with individual medals to the first and second team in the A playoffs.

Easy Basketball - rules for Eskilstuna Basket Cup

  • For EEM basket cup agegroup born -05 & -06
  • 6 periods x 5 min running time
  • No substitutes is allowed during the periods if there are no special situations.
  • 4 vs 4 whole court
  • Low baskets (260 cm)
  • Size 5 balls
  • You can not take the ball from a player who is holding it with two hands
  • No freethrows or time out
  • One minute rest between period can be used as your timeout
  • Backcourt and three second is used (with referee judgement)
  • All players must play in atleast two periods.
  • No three point line.
  • Bonus points are given when a player is in the act of shooting and the ball goes in the basket. Bonus point is one point. When a player is fouled in the act of shooting and the ball not goes into the basket the following happens:
  • The team with the player who has been fouled is awarded one point, play will be continued with inbounding from the baseline for the fouled team.
  • A player can not foul out, instead every foul after 5 is on the team.
  • When a team has four teamfouls during one period the opponents is awarded one point and the ball from the baseline on the offencive side every time they be fouled.
  • A player can not play in more than one team in the same agegroup.
  • Trophy is awarded to first and second place teams in the A & B playoffs, with individual medals to the first and second team in the A playoffs.